Winster Gallop

Dance to the tune of WINSTER GALLOP (32 bar march)

how you stand – this is a dance for just you and your partner

A1 walk forward 3 steps – kick one leg out in front; walk back 3 steps – stamp your foot  then do all this again.

A2 away from each other 3 steps – clap your hands; walk back to each other 3 steps – bump hips with each other then do all this again.

B1 face your partner for a clapping pattern 

Clap  your hands hands / clap hands under your right leg
Clap your  hands / clap hands under your left leg
Clap hands in front, clap hands behind, clap hands in front and then to your partner 

do all this again!

B2 take your partner’s right hand and walk round each other “a right hand turn”. Do the same with your left hands

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