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Address: Camden Music, Crowndale Centre, 218 Eversholt Street, London NW1 1BD

Tel: 020 7974 7239 Email: camdenmusic@camden.gov.uk


Applications for instrumental tuition and all other Camden Music (CM) activities must be completed by the parent/carer.

Students will be placed on a waiting list, and their parents/carers will be sent an offer once space becomes available. Waiting lists are reviewed regularly.

A shared lesson can only be offered if a suitable pairing or grouping is available. If it is not possible to provide a shared lesson, an alternative will be offered.

CM fees include ten lessons per term. A school term is often longer than ten weeks, meaning there will be weeks in a term when no lesson is due.


All lessons and other CM activities must be paid for in advance by the invoice deadline. You can pay in two instalments.

If payment has not been received by the deadline on the invoice, the lesson or group activity will be stopped.

In the event of financial difficulty, you should contact CMto discuss available options for payment. Failure to make payment or contact us will lead to the cancellation of lessons.

Subsidies are available to students eligible for Free School Meals (FSM).

CM will monitor the attendance and progress of students receiving free or subsidised lessons. The subsidy may be withdrawn if attendance is unsatisfactory.

Sunday and holiday group activities have an annual membership fee. You will need to pay for the year, even if you are not able to attend all the courses.


If a parent/carer wishes to cancel their child’s music lesson or any other CM activity, they must provide written notice to camdenmusic@camden.gov.uk by the following dates:

  • Friday 1st November to stop at the end of the Autumn term
  • Friday 21st February to stop at the end of the Spring term
  • Friday 30th May to stop at the end of the Summer term

Any outstanding fees will be payable.

Once lessons or group activities start in a term, the full term’s payment is due. No refund will be provided for lessons or groups cancelled partway through a term.

Sunday and holiday group activities have an annual membership fee. You will need to pay for the year, even if you are not able to attend all the courses.


CM does not offer credits or refunds for lessons missed due to student absence, school trips, school cancellations with less than three weeks’ notice, or school closures.

In some circumstances, and if reasonable written notice is given, a CM tutor may choose to reschedule a missed lesson. This is at the tutor’s discretion, and no credit will be due if the tutor is unable to reschedule a lesson missed by the student.

In secondary schools, students must check timetables and attend at the allotted time. No credit will be provided if a student’s lesson was on the timetable and they failed to attend. Contact the school’s Head of Music/ Music Coordinator if your child has difficulty following the timetable and needs assistance.

If a tutor is absent, they should make up the lesson by the end of the term. If this is not possible, we will offer a credit or refund for the lesson not provided.

A cover tutor will be arranged if a tutor is unavailable for any of our out-of-school activities. CM will credit or refund the missed lesson or activity fee if no alternative tutor can be arranged.


If lessons are cancelled due to an unavoidable incident, including the Act of Government, adverse weather conditions or other unavoidable issues, there will be no reduction for missed lessons.


The parent/carer will automatically be invoiced in advance for the same activity each term unless the parent/carer cancels the place or lets us know of any changes they would like to make.

7. Liability

CM does not accept liability for loss or damage to student instruments or personal possessions. Parents/ carers should arrange appropriate insurance for these items.

CM strongly recommends that all students wear appropriate hearing protection during musical activities.


All music groups rely on the commitment of members. Students are expected to attend all rehearsals. If an absence is unavoidable, notice should be provided in writing to camdenmusic@camden.gov.uk at the earliest opportunity.

By joining a music group, students commit to play in performances. If your child is not able to attend a performance, notice should be provided to camdenmusic@camden.gov.uk at the earliest opportunity.

Music group attendance is monitored. If attendance falls below an acceptable level, students may be asked not to perform in a concert if they are not prepared to meet the required standard.

All students must follow the expectations set out in our CM behaviour policy. While incidents of poor behaviour are rare, they can result in students being withdrawn from music service activities.


Instruments hired by CM are for use in instrumental lessons or group activities arranged by CM.

The parent/carer will need to contact CMS camdenmusic@camden.go.uk to arrange collection from The Crowndale Centre, 218 Eversholt Street, NW1 1BD. They must book an appointment.

The parent/carer will be asked to sign a hire agreement form. An invoice will be sent on collection.

Instruments must be returned to The Crowndale Centre, 218 Eversholt Street, NW1 1BD, and not to a school or music centre. The parent/carer must contact CM camdenmusic@camden.go.uk to arrange an appointment to return the instrument.

If an instrument has been left at school, the parent/carer will be responsible for arranging its return.

The parent/carer is liable for replacing the instrument if there has been intentional damage, damage beyond repair or loss of the instrument.

The parent/carer is liable to cover the cost of repair if damage is beyond usual wear and tear.

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to replace accessories as needed (violin rosin, strings, reeds, valve oil).

The instrument is not insured. It is the hirer’s responsibility to arrange insurance for the instrument.


CM wants to support all students in fulfilling their musical potential and enjoying their music-making. If a student has a medical condition or specific educational needs, parents/carers must inform CM by completing the relevant section on the application form or by writing to camdenmusic@camden.gov.uk

Parents/carers must inform CM of changes to a student’s medical conditions or educational needs.


For administration purposes, CM will keep personal information (name, address, age, etc.) for the delivery of music tuition and group activities. This information will be stored as per our privacy policy. Privacy Policy

Photograph, video and publicity: With permission from the parent/carer, CM will occasionally use photographs and/ or film footage of events, concerts and lessons. These images may be used to celebrate our musical activities and student achievements, to promote the music service via our website and social media, for publicity or funding purposes related to music education, and for other publicity such as newsletters, promotional videos & press releases. 

As part of our Music Hub funding agreement and for administration purposes, CM will keep personal information (age, gender, school, etc), which will be shared with Arts Council England for the purposes of tracking progression rates and participation.

The full Arts Council England Privacy statement can be read at http://www.artscouncilcollection.org.uk/privacy-policy

Updated 6 June 2024

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