Monas Delight

Dance to the tune of MONAS DELIGHT (32 bar step hop)

how you stand – this is a dance for you and your partner and another couple, so you are in a little group of four people

what you do

A1 hold hands in a circle and dance 8 steps to the left and 8 steps back to the right

A2 all four people put right hands into the middle to form a “right hand star”. Dance round for 8 steps, then swap hands and come back with left hands in the middle – a “left hand star”.

B1 there is clapping pattern to do in your group

face your partner – pat knees – clap your hands – clap to partner’s hands
face the person opposite – knees – clap – clap to opposite’s hands
then to either side – knees – clap – clap to either side
finally to yourself – knees – clap – Oi!

after the clapping, take your partners hands and do a two hand turn round

B2  do all that again!

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