KS1 Zoom Heave Away Haul Away

Background to the song

This is a Camdenised version of a traditional sea shanty or work song called “South Australia”. Wikipedia tells us that the song was sung on magnificent clipper ships operating between Australia and London in the late 1800s.

By the 1940s it had become a popular “campfire” song. It has been recorded by many traditional singers and some less traditional ones including The Pogues and The Wiggles.

Learning the song – our version
We reflected on the original song and the words of some of its verses… and decided that it wasn’t very appropriate for KS1. But it’s such a great tune!

Our version is very much a folk song in that it has been “changed over the years” and adapted to purpose. The verses, we admit, are not works of literary genius and we encourage you and your children to write your own.

Using the geography of our local area may be a good starting point
How familiar are the children with the geography of Camden?
How familiar are they with the map showing where Camden is within London.

The structure of the song is call and response and is an opportunity for a soloist or a small group to sing on their own.

Use the vocal line sheet music with your children to help them spot where the phrases repeat.

As a work song, it’s got a really strong pulse. Add movements to the song to emphasise this for your children.

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