Come On All Children

background to the song

This song was sung at the very first Royal Albert Hall festival back in 1998. We thought we would re-visit it. Our version will be accompanied by a band playing an arrangement written by Joe McGrail.
Now, as then, we don’t know where the song came from or who wrote it. If anyone can help with this information, please get in touch.

how the song will be performed

This is a song for just the primary choirs. We will be accompanied by a stage band.
We will learn the BSL signs for this song. Ruth Montgomery from Frank Barnes School has made a video to help us learn. Please note that Ruth uses three different signs for the word “together”.
When the soloist is performing the sign is used in the sense of calling for another person to come forward.
When everyone sings it, there is a growth in numbers and the sign = group.
When we sing it in the final verse, the sign signifies a unity / bond that will last.
The first verse of the song will be sung by some soloists. All the choirs together then repeat the first verse.
The song builds from the beginning to the end. We will be singing all together in unison throughout.
Phrasing is really important. Please don’t take breaths in the middle of b10, b19 or b37.
The final verse is a bit higher and has a big ending.

please note that for BSL, children should use their dominant hand – the one they write with – for the main movements. The video Ruth has made is not a mirror; she is right-handed.

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