KS1 Zoom U Kaane Kame Me

About the song

This is a song from Namibia. In Camden we learned it from Gitika Partington who taught it at our Royal Albert Hall Festival in 2002. It’s a traditional song and we think it is a song that would be sung at weddings and is all to do with getting the housework done. If anyone is able to give us more information, please do get in touch.

The song is in the Oshiwambo language which is spoken in the north of Namibia up near Angola.

Here’s a link to someone who can help you learn a bit more of the language.

Learning the song

Voice 1 is the main tune of the song. Learn this first. The words are lovely to sing and quite repetitive; if you learn bars 5-8 first, you’ve learned most of them! Break them down into sections and make it into a “my turn – your turn” game.

I would suggest you learn the main tune by ear, but when the children know the it, it would be good to have a look at the sheet music as as you will be able to follow the notes and words along. You will also be able to see that the harmony line uses the same rhythm and the same words but is a bit lower down.

Don’t feel you have to learn the harmony line, although it would be good to have a listen to it to hear how the two lines work together.

The backing track is just some untuned percussion and a xylophone. You may want to use it to add some untuned percussion rhythms of your own. Try using the rhythm of some of the words from the song repeated over and over to make an ostinato eg “kaana kame, kaana kame…..”

The xylophone part is also quite easy. The sheet music is available on the KS2 U Kanna Kame Me page.

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