Teaching and Rehearsal Resources

Something Special Happens when I sing with you – a brand new song for you to learn

Percussionist Jo May created a series of videos introducing the art of playing the spoons. Pop to the cutlery drawer and pick a couple up…
1 an introduction
2 using your left had and your leg
3 how to do rolls
4 how to do triplets
5 swing spoons
6 spoons rock
7 spoons waltz
8 spoons at sea

Summer Cluster Festivals audio
Summer Cluster Festivals sheet music

Wider Opportunities Ceilidh resources and information

Somers Town Sinfoniasheet music and audio resources coming soon

EYFS Song Store

KS1 Music Literacy Resources – coming soon

Wider Ops Recorder Resources

Have you got stuck valves or a sticky slide? Here are the videos for you!

Here are three videos to help you on your way learning the guitar:-
How to tune your guitar
How to read guitar TAB
How to read guitar chord diagrams

Here are seven videos showing you how to care for your violin:-
1 the parts of the violin
2 looking after your instrument
3 looking after your bow
4 tuning your violin
5 rosin
6 changing a string
7 fitting a shoulder rest

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