Ideas for musical activities at home

National Youth Choir of Scotland daily activities has been posting lovely singing games for you to learn together. There’s a new one every day and a link to the back-catalogue. The songs and games are unaccompanied and sometimes use things like balls and cups. They may appear simple….

If you fancy a bit of dancing, have a look at our Living Room Ceilidh – music and videos to help you learn some dances at home.

Rachel Leach is a composer and music teacher. She does a lot of work with the London Symphony Orchestra and has done some fantastic workshops with schools in Camden. Lockdown Listening is a series of videos, listening and ideas for musical things to do at home.

Manley O’Connor is one of the Camden Music Service tutors. He has been putting together some fantastic learn-at-home videos introducing how to play drums djembe-style. All you need is a saucepan and this link!

If you’re at a loose end and fancy learning something new why not pop to the cutlery drawer and pick up a couple of spoons!

BBC ten pieces is a project that has been running for a few years. It aims to introduce young people to a wide range of classical music. The BBC has adapted the website to make suggestions for activites you might like to do at home.

Bandlab Education is a piece of software that allows you to compose music by combining loops and recording your own audio. It is cloud-based and, for the moment at least, completely free. There are two versions of the software – Bandlab and Bandlab for Education. Some schools are starting to use Bandlab for Education. Rod Arran at Brecknock Primary School has a page about music technology and has written an introduction which you may find helpful

Minute of Listening is exactly what it says it is – it’s a minute of things to listen to. There are all sorts of different recordings along with information and activities. A lot of material has been made free for the moment, although you do need to sign up for an account. Don’t be put off when it asks you about which school you’re teaching at – just write “parent”. Here’s some information to help you sign up for the first time.

Allison Isaak is the music teacher at Edith Neville Primary School. She has put together some lovely videos introducing some songs for very young children.

The BBC have created some resources for families to enjoy the Proms at Home.

We will be adding links to this page regularly.

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