Camden World Song Project II

Camden children come from all over the world. We are tremendously privileged to have such a rich mix of languages and cultures in our classrooms. The Camden World Song Project aims to highlight and celebrate this rich mix, focusing on the songs, music and dances of everyone in the borough. The project looks particularly at children’s songs, nursery rhymes, playground chants and lullabies – songs that people just “know” and don’t remember “not knowing”.

The project ran several years ago. A pack of some seventy seven songs was produced. The songs can be heard here. If you are interested in buying a copy of the printed pack, please email

We are starting the project a-new. Schools have already started to collect songs and the stories behind them. Teachers are talking to children and parents and other members of staff – the conversation starts with the question “Do you know any songs in your language?” There will be more songs to share soon!

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