Camden Music Primary Cluster Festivals Summer 2023

Here are the songs for the Summer Cluster Festivals 2023. They are taking place in schools across the borough during the week of 3rd July. Camden primary schools will have received a printed pack of songs. Contact if you haven’t!

Old Abram Brown
The finale of Britten’s suite “Friday Afternoons”, Old Abram Brown is a beautifully simple and enormously powerful canon.

There are additional resources available through the Friday Afternoons project. There are lots of other songs there too – and it’s free to sign up.

Balan Baalistu
This is a Somali children’s song learned from Ruquia and children at Torriano Primary School as part of the Camden Music World Song Project. It is about a butterfly. Further information and printed music are in the school resource pack.

The One – O
This song is from a collection of songs called the James Madison Carpenter Collection. The English Folk Dance and Song Society published some resources based around this and some other songs in the collection. Here’s a link to the resource pack created by Hazel Askew. You can also listen to some recordings here along with a lot of other useful resources from EFDSS.

So – Fa Jazz
A really catchy song for layering. Written by Jo McNally, it’s in her Junior Choral Club Pink Book, published by Novello
ISBN 0-7119-8913-3

It’s time to say goodbye
A finisher – something to sing as we put our coats on and head back to school.

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