CamBand is our CamJam orchestra. For students who already learn an instrument and want to share their love of music by playing with others.  Woodwind, string and brass players who have been playing for at least 2 terms are welcome. 

Teachers and pupils can find resources here

In March the members of CamBand were getting excited about performing in their end of term concert.  They had their items sorted, but then the lockdown came!

Undeterred, they worked online using Zoom. Children had three sessions of fun activities – new pieces, sectional rehearsals, chat and musical games.

‘Meet the Flintstones’ is one of the pieces the children worked on in three weeks.  This track is made up of instrument parts, recorded individually at home by CamBand members. This was a new way of working for the band and the children certainly rose to the challenge!  For the curious, the ‘boo’ at the beginning was to help with the editing. We kept it in because we liked it.

Camband ‘Meet the Flintstones’ – have a listen here

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